DealShaker is a virtual advertising platform enabling Merchants and Re-sellers globally to offer promotions on goods and services to a rapidly expanding global network with more than 3 million members - OneLife. Deal promotions can be run with or without a discount.
DealShaker empowers OneLife Network members. It provides the opportunity to shop for services and products in your area. Besides shopping, DealShaker allows you to create a Merchant Profile and promote your items and services.
You can create a Registered Business profile and promote your business services to potential customers.
If you don’t have a registered company or business, you can still create your Individual Re-Seller profile and run deal promotions. IMPORTANT: Please make sure that you follow your country’s tax regulations and declare all profit generated through the DealShaker advertising platform. DealShaker reserves the right to cooperate with your local tax authorities and supply any information they request.
DealShaker is an exclusive advertising platform available only to OneLife Network members.
Everyone who is part of the OneLife Network can promote their business products and services to the OneLife Network. Individual Re- Sellers can promote any products and services to the OneLife Network in compliance with local laws and regulations.
In order to promote on DealShaker you need to be a registered OneLife Network member. The DealShaker platform doesn’t require any paid membership in the OneLife Network. You become eligible to promote after your Merchant Profile has been approved by our merchant administrators.
You can promote any service or product that is compliant with your local legislature.
You can run promotions both with and without a discount.
DealShaker ensures your presence in the virtual advertising platform, providing you visibility to a growing user base of more than 3 million members globally. We make sure that all deals can be filtered by area, interest (business category) and date of expiry.
We will ensure that you are provided timely and adequate support in the creation process of your deal to make sure that you have provided all information necessary for the buyers to make a well-informed decision.
DealShaker supports the ethical and loyal Merchants and will not tolerate attempts at misleading and misinformation.
All Cash/EUR sales will be charged a 25% advertising or also called service fee. We work to protect your interest and will not charge any merchant for unclaimed or non-redeemed Deal Coupons.
Please note that DealShaker reserves the right to act at its own discretion with generated revenue from unused and non -redeemed deal coupons to ensure reimbursement of the buyer in a case of unethical promotion of products and services.
ONE is a new-age virtual currency. The creation of the ONE was inspired by the birth of the cryptocurrency BitCoin in 2008 after the financial crisis hit the global market. ONE is currently available for mining exclusively for the OneLife Network. ONE is mass cryptocurrency with a centralised company business model, allowing non-tech or business/banking educated individuals to take part of an innovative currency model, aimed at reshaping the financial world.
The price fluctuates based on supply and demand for ONE.
You can track the fixed exchange rate of ONE to EUR in DealShaker directly.
You can track the increase in mining difficulty through subscribing to the OneLife Network newsletters or directly through your OneLife BackOffice.
ONE is with a fixed rate for the DealShaker exclusively and the value is based on the current exchange rate. The fixed ONE rate will be changed based on change in mining difficulty.
All OneLife members can log in to the DealShaker Platfrom with their OneLife credential. You do NOT need to register again on the DealShaker Platform if you already have a OneLife account.
Currently the DealShaker plaltform provides a language switcher in English and Chinese for the Deal Description, Deal Title, Specific Terms of Use of the Seller, the Merchant Profile form and the Merchant Address registration form.
If you’d like to place your deal in another language, different than English and Chinese, then you can freely, where you would normally put the English text.
Another option is to separate the English and translated description of your deal with a visual separator and place them one under another.
You do not need two accounts to run multilanguage deals.
Click on the Buying Section and then you can select deals you’d like to claim. You process your purchase order directly through the DealShaker platform, and pay through your Cash and OneCoin Account.
Please Note that you need to know your Transaction Password in order to confirm the purchase. If you are new to the OneLife system, you can find and set your transaction password through your OneLife BackOffice. Login to OneLIfe with the same credentials you login to DealShaker and vice versa.
All prices are composed of a ONE and a EUR component. The maximum cash component is 50% of the deal price, the minimum of ONE component can be set to 50%. The ONE to EUR conversion rate for price setting will be fixed for DealShaker platform operations and will be adjusted with the increase in mining difficulty.
This is the period of time through which you have to use your coupon.
This is the way you receive your item or service. There are 3 different delivery (or redemption) methods which are explained in BUYER INFORMATION section of the FAQs (Delivery Methods)
If you still have questions - please check the Resource centre of DealShaker or write to [email protected]
In DealShaker platform you pay for your deal coupons through a combination of ONE and EUR, automatically transferred from your OneCoin Account and your Cash Account.
Make sure your Cash Account has sufficient funds to cover your payment order.
If your OneCoin balance is not enough to process the payment, the Deficit on OneCoins can be compensated in EUR at a 20.75 EUR exchange rate. Conversion rate will be adjusted with the increase in mining difficulty of the OneCoin cryptocurrency.
Currently, the DealShaker platform does not allow credit card payments for deals.
You can access your Deal Coupons in your DealShaker Account or in the email that you’ve provided when registering in OneLife or DealShaker.