Onecoin for 3 days rental of 7 seater Nissan Serena


3.57 ONE
(1 ONE = 42.33 EUR )
ONEは、DealShaker限定の固定レートです。値は 現在の為替レートを基準としており、マイニングの難易度の変化に基づいて変動します。 DealShakerはONEの販売価格を保証するものではありません
24/09/19 - 31/12/19
3 days rental for 7 seater Nissan Serena for a percentage in Onecoin. The voucher is in a percentage in ones which has a value of 151 euros and a cash value of TTD$1205.00 A cash payment of TTD $600.00 is required upon pick up. The total cash value is TTD$1805.00
販売者からの取引特定利用諸条件 :
Daily rental is for 24hrs from time of pickup.
Daily rental are between Monday to Friday accordingly.
Weekend rental is from Friday to Monday.
Must be 25yrs old and over driving 3 years or more.
Deposit of TT$2,000 to be paid prior to rental agreement. Refundable on return of vehicle in said condition as received.
Walk with utility bill and valid Driver's Permit.
Late fee of $60 for every hour will apply.
Call 24hrs in advance for extension
Call before purchasing to ensure availability of vehicle..
All relevant information is on the contract. Please read carefully before signing.
Office is open between 8am – 5pm Monday to Saturday.
販売者について :
We are a General Service provider with over 18yrs experience located in the town of Arima in the Eastern part of Trinidad W.I.We maintain Homes, Offices and Buildings .We are Importer's of both Foreign Used and New Vehicles , we provide Auto Rentals, Courier and Transportation Services.
Real Estate and Apartment Rentals.
販売者アドレス ( いずれの割り当てられた販売者アドレスからも、 取引クーポンを使用することができます。 ) :

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