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作者:亞倫與芭芭拉.布羅茨基 Aaron and Barbara Brodsky 出版日期:2016/11/07 ◎內容簡介   關於耶穌,我們了解的永遠都不夠…… 與耶穌「零距離」接觸,親身體驗「神性」之美 一位牧羊人的真實見證‧耶穌行腳的深刻記錄 亞馬遜網路書店5顆星讀者好評   迷途人生的靈性指引,啟發內在良善的光明鑰匙!   本書來自於一位牧羊人亞倫(Aaron)與耶穌共同行腳的紀錄,他以第三人稱的角度,闡述耶穌四處行腳的見聞。亞倫比耶穌年長,從耶穌一出生的時候就見過祂,也與祂度過許多美好地孩提時光。因此在本書中,我們可以一窺耶穌的成長歷程,看祂如何透過與萬物的相處學習,在經歷許多挫折與磨難後,憶起自己的內在「神性」(Divine),進而成為眾人景仰的「大師」。在這些故事中,耶穌所扮演的不只是一個神的使者,更是一位導師、啟蒙與治療者的角色;祂雖身有異能,但不到緊要關頭絕不輕易展現。對於所遇見的每個人,祂不只治癒他們的外在病痛,也使人發現自己內在的本質。祂能看見人們內在的那顆鑽石,透過引導、溝通,甚至是以身示範,在潛移默化中讓我們發現「愛」。   面對富人:祂喚起了他們的「同理心」。   面對窮人:祂讓他們發現自己的「天賦」。   面對小偷:祂啟發了他們的「良善」本質。   面對病人:祂讓他們找回「活下去」的意義。   而對於每位讀者,在閱讀本書的同時,可以發現祂無處不在;而藉由「神性之愛」滋養內在,我們可以褪下層層偽裝、覺察身上的恐懼,最終找回內在最純淨的本質。   在本書中,耶穌帶給我們的「禮物」遠超過教義的傳播,更重要的是啟發了我們內在「善」的種子,點燃我們的內在之光、帶領我們遠離恐懼,相信上帝的旨意終將實現。 感動推薦   「本書中的四十七篇耶穌故事可能從未為人所知,但世人皆曾好奇且問過這個問題:『如果是耶穌的話,祂會如何應對?』而你將在本書找到一些參考。祂長時間與人們生活,而在祂遇見這些人時,祂是如何看待其他人,本書便收錄了這些耶穌純然無瑕的真實人生典範。這些故事示現了對於耶穌純潔、愛與無私人生的洞察。在閱讀的時候,你可以將自己放入每篇故事中,詢問自己:『除了耶穌之外,如果遇到這種情況,我會怎麼做?』藉此你不只將喚醒內在的神性,更能激發你以更高的覺察、愛與熱情對待週遭所有的人、事、物。」威廉.歐托克(William Altork) About Jesus, we don’t know enough... Get in touch with Jesus "zero distance" and experience the beauty of "divineness" A true testimony of a shepherd Amazon online bookstore 5 stars readers praise The spiritual guidance of lost life, inspiring the bright key of inner goodness! The book comes from a record of a shepherd, Aaron, who walked with Jesus. He explained the way Jesus walked around in a third-person perspective. Aaron was older than Jesus. He had seen Him since he was born, and he had spent many wonderful childhoods with Him. Therefore, in this book, we can glimpse the growth of Jesus and see how He learns through all things, and after many setbacks and tribulations, he remembers his inner Divine and becomes admired by everyone. "Grandmaster". In these stories, Jesus plays not only a messenger of God, but also the role of a mentor, enlightenment, and healer; though he has power, he does not show it easily until a critical moment. For everyone he meets, He not only cures their external ailments, but also reveals their inner nature. He can see the diamond inside the people, let us discover "love" in the subtle influence through guidance, communication, and even demonstration. Facing the rich: He evokes their "empathy." Facing the poor: He lets them discover their "natural talent." Facing the thief: He inspired their "good" essence. Facing the patient: He asked them to find the meaning of "live". For each reader, while reading this book, you can find that He is everywhere; and by "the love of divinity" to nourish the inner, we can dispel the layers of disguise, detect the fear of the body, and finally find the innermost pure Nature. In this book, the "gift" that Jesus brought us far exceeds the spread of doctrine, and more importantly, it inspires the seeds of our inner "goodness", ignites our inner light, leads us away from fear, and believes that God's will will eventually achieve. Touched recommendation "The 47 stories in this book may never be known, but the world has been curious and asked this question: "If it is Jesus, how will He respond?" and you will find some references in this book. He lived with people for a long time, and when He met these people, how He viewed other people, this book contains these real examples of the true life of Jesus. These stories show the insight into the purity, love and private life of Jesus. While reading, you can put yourself in each story and ask yourself: "What should I do if I encounter this situation besides Jesus?" By doing this, you will not only wake up the inner divinity, but also Can inspire you to treat all the people, things and things around you with higher awareness, love and enthusiasm." William. William Altork 《耶穌的47個故事》編輯導讀>https://reurl.cc/AbrZp
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