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13/02/18 - 16/05/19
Salut,daca ai ajuns aici problema pe care o intampini acum este foarte aproape de a fi rezolvata, ne desparte o convorbire telefonica prin care vom stabili data si ora la care pot ajunge, de aceea am sa te rog sa NU ACHIZITIONEZI cupoanele inainte de a stabili vizita de constatare, evaluarea situatiei si stabilirea solutiilor de rezolvare . Eu sunt Emil ELECTRICIANUL TAU si te voi ajuta in rezolvarea problemei de natura electrica pe care o ai acum , te voi consilia in luarea deciziilor si alegerea solutiilor cat si a materialelor asa ca nu ezita sa ma contactezi chiar daca este doar pentru a intreba sau a cere un sfat. Domeniul meu de competenta incepe de la instalatia individuala de utilizare a beneficiarului, respectiv imediat dupa instalatia de contorizare a furnizorului. Lucrarile se vor executa respectand normativele si legislatia in vigoare iar materialele se vor alege in conformitate cu standardele si normele actuale. CUPOANELE vor reprezenta 70% din costul lucrarilor diferenta urmand a fi achitata cu cash la finalizarea lucrarii. Deoarece costul lucrarilor nu poate fi estimat la telefon este necesara o deplasare pentru constatare, stabilirea solutiilor, intocmirea necesarului de materiale,estimarea costului total, stabilirea timpului de efectuare a lucrarii (exista si posibilitatea remedierii defectiunii daca exista timp si nu sunt necesare materiale care vor trebui procurate ulterior ). Deplasarea pentru constatare va costa doua (2) cupoane plus suma de 45 lei pentru Bucuresti si 60 lei pentru zonele indepartate. Aceste sume vor fi achitate la sfarsitul vizitei de constatare. Pentru o colaborare reciproc multumitoare am sa te rog sa citesti cu atentie rubrica Termeni si Conditii. ****************************** EN : Hello, if you get here, the problem you are now experiencing is very close to being solved, we are sharing a phone conversation that will set the date and time that we can reach, so I will ask you NOT to buy the coupons before establish a visit visit, evaluate the situation and establish solutions to solve it. I am Emil your ELECTRICIAN and I will help you in solving the electrical problem you have now, I will advise you in making decisions and choosing solutions and materials so do not hesitate to contact me even if it's just to ask or Ask for advice. My field of competence starts from the individual installation of the beneficiary, ie immediately after the supplier's metering facility. The works will be carried out in compliance with the norms and the legislation in force and the materials will be chosen according to the current standards and norms. COUPONES will represent 70% of the cost of works, the difference being paid with cash upon completion of the work.  Since the cost of the works can not be estimated on the phone, it is necessary to find a solution for the finding, to establish the solutions, to prepare the materials, to estimate the total cost, to set the time for the work to be done (there is also the possibility of repairing the defect if there is time and no materials are required should be purchased later). The movement for finding will cost two (2) coupons plus 45 Lei for Bucharest and 60 Lei for distant areas. These amounts will be paid at the end of the visit. For a mutually satisfactory collaboration I would like to ask you to read carefully the Terms and Conditions box.
Deal Specific Terms & Conditions from the Merchant :
1. Nu achizitionati cupoane inainte de a ma contacta telefonic si de a stabili data si ora la care se poate face deplasarea pentru constatare.
2. Imi voi desfasura activitatea in Romania pe raza municipiului Bucuresti iar in zonele departate in conditiile pe care le vom agrea initial.
3.Imi voi desfasura activitatea de luni pana vineri in intervalul orar 08:00 - 21:00,in cazuri exceptionale vom ajusta programul in functie de necesitati in limita timpului disponibil.
4.Achizitia si costurile materialelor vor fi in sarcina beneficiarului,daca timpul imi permite va voi consilia si chiar insoti la procurarea acestora.
5. Pentru instalatiile noi este necesar sa existe un proiect avizat si verificat comform dispozitiilor ANRE .
6.Nu voi interveni in instalatiile improvizate sau executate fara respectarea normelor impuse de ANRE,
7. Pentru remedierea unei defectiuni,mai intai se va depista si inlatura cauza care genereaza defectul sau functionarea necorespuzatoare a instalatiei.
EN :
1. Do not buy coupons before contacting me by phone and set the date and time you can go to find out.
2. I will carry out my activity in Romania within Bucharest and in the distant areas in the conditions we will initially accommodate.
3. I will be working from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 21:00, in exceptional cases we will adjust the program according to the needs within the time available.
4. The purchase and the costs of the materials will be the responsibility of the beneficiary, if time allows, I will advise you and even accompany them in purchasing them.
5. For new installations it is necessary to have an approved and verified project according to ANRE provisions.
6. I will not intervene in improvised or executed installations without observing the norms imposed by ANRE,
7. To remedy a fault, first see and remove the cause of the defect or malfunction of the installation.
About the Merchant :
Electrician autorizat, cu experienta de peste 25 de ani in domeniul instalatiilor electrice civile (case, birouri) si industriale, ofer servicii specializate.
EN :
Authorized electrician with an experience of over 25 years in field of civil (apartments, houses, offices) and industrial electrical instalations ,offer specialized services.
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Romania( RO )

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[email protected]
+40 722640511
facebook : Emil Ciuraru

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