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15/11/17 - 15/05/18
Vand teren intravilan situat in comuna Dragomiresti-Vale( Ilfov ). Terenul este foarte bine pozitionat la 30 m de drumul comunal asfaltat, inconjurat pe doua laturi de vile construite si locuite, la 10 min de Autostrada Bucuresti-Pitesti in zona foarte linistita. Regimul de inaltime este P+1+M. Este un teren care poate fi parcelat in 4 loturi de cate 500 mp. sau folosi ca atare. Dimensiuni: 50ml.X 40ml. I sell intravilan land located in Dragomiresti-Vale (Ilfov). The land is very well positioned 30 m from the paved communal road, surrounded on two sides of the built and inhabited villas, 10 min from Bucharest-Pitesti Highway in very quiet area. The height regime is P + 1 + M. It is a land that can be parcel in 4 lots of 1000 square meters. Or used as such. Size: 50ml.X 40ml.
Deal Specific Terms & Conditions from the Merchant :
Vizionarea terenului se organizeaza cu programare.
Vanzarea se incheie pe teritoriul Romaniei la un birou de Notariat Public conform legislatiei Romane.
Cumparatorul si vanzatorul isi asuma cheltuielile de rigoare conform legislatiei romane.

Land viewing is organized by programming.
The sale ends on the territory of Romania at a public Notary Public Office in accordance with the Romanian legislation.
The buyer and the seller assume the necessary expenses according to the Romanian legislation.
About the Merchant :
Ma numesc Ion Radulescu si de-a lungul anilor am achizitionat o serie de terenuri aflate in intravilanul localitatilor din jurul Bucurestiului.
Doresc sa vand o parte din proprietati.

My name is Ion Radulescu and over the years I acquired a number of lands in the localities around Bucharest.
I want to sell some of the properties.
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