Tūnika. Audums 100% viskoze . Tunic of 100% viscose fabric. ( izm/size 44)


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24/05/19 - 30/06/19
Tūnikas garums 75-76 cm ; Izmērs: 44 Length of tunic 75-76 cm; Size: 44
Deal Specific Terms & Conditions from the Merchant :
1 gab. tūnikas=1 kupons.
1 pcs. of tunic=1 coupons
About the Merchant :
I have been working in fashion since 1991.
In collaboration with my company and team, I created my own women's clothing line.
I offer my own sewn, modeled styles.
Modes jomā strādāju kopš 1991. gada.
Sadarbībā ar savu kompāniju un komandu izveidoju savu sieviešu apģērba līniju.
Piedāvāju pašas šūtās un modelētās modeļus.
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Estonia( EE ), Finland( FI ), Latvia( LV ), Lithuania( LT )

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