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23/06/19 - 30/09/19
RAFTING FOR FAMILIES This is rafting for families and for all the people want to try this exciting adventur!! SPECIAL OFFER FOR FAMILIES. Two hours for preparation, explanations and descent to the water, approximately 7 km of fun. Living a rafting experience in a rafting and outdoor center where YOU ARE THE MAIN STAR! The duration, as well as the actual descent, also includes the theoretical lesson, test in water (if necessary) and transport times. When you arrive at our Outdoor Village, you will find a variety of sports and activities for the whole family, suitable for everybody and every age. Rafting for families, suitable for children from 6 years of age accompanied by parents: this is a first experience of rafting which is both safe and fun. The outing is guided by a lincesed rafting guide, with training in river and alluvial rescue undertaken at the National Training School Rescue Project. For further information see Rescue Project Duration: 2 hours Embarkation / Disembarkation: Monclassico / Caldes or Caldes / Ponte Stori Equipment: all supplied by the centre: lifebelt, wetsuit, jacket, helmet. You must only bring a pair of shoes which can get wet (eg. Gym shoes) and whatever is needed for a shower. For everyone! Family, groups of friends, schools, couples, anyone!
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The activities are open from half April until finish September.

You need reservation the activities on our website. https://trentinowild.it/attivita/?lang=en inside the page you can find the booking form.
this is an example:

We need some date for you reservation,
About the Merchant :
TrentinoWILD is the biggest village in Italy for activities like rafting, paintball, canyoning, adventure park on the trees, climbing area, green zone, beach, bar & restaurant and more...
The river Noce is the 9th river in the world and 1th in Europe.
You can find here a lot of activities. Best price and best place for live adventure in total safety.

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Take with you shoes to use in the water, swimming costume,t-shirt or second skin shirt, and all the necessary to have a shower at the end of the activity.

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