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15/10/18 - 28/02/19
A FINANCIAL TRANSFORMATIONAL MONTH - create flow on all levels of life. Coached and mentored by Financial Emotional Fitness (FEF) coach and facilitator Johanna Wallin. Language, English or Swedish. INCLUDED IN THE PACKAGE: 3 x 1h Coaching session + 3 x 45 minutes Mentoring, online service. 1 - CURIOUSITY and CONNECTION ability to pause negative self talk, blaming, shaming etc. To acknowledge the feelings in the situation or relation, let go and create emotional flow. 2 - COURAGE and COMPASSION to expand your flexibility and ability to consciously make decisions from a trusting and calm place - responsability instead of reaction. 3 - CREATIVITY and CURRENCY. to start creating a life of your choise. Comming from a deepend connetion to your desires and yearnings your choises and decisions will be more sustainable and build in energy and flow in all steps taken. The Emotional Fitness training expands your capacity to handle more emotions with ease and strength. FEF increases your emotional flexibility, builds your capacity to be patient, calm and assertiv in situations and relationsips connected to creating finacial flow as well as increasing you energy and experiencing new levels of empowerment in your live The emotional flow enhances your ability to make decisons and choises that are in alignment with who you really are and builds a lasting and sustainable feeling of flow in your life. You will in 3 steps train your emotional strength, flexibility and tonacity. This training focuses on emotional flow as the basis of economic flow but is applicable in all areas of your ife to deepen the connetion to your desires and yearnings from an abundance mindset instead of scarcity and lack. FOR YOU? This work is targeting smart, successful, healthy and conscious leaders. Are you feeling stuck? Missing the flow of energy and self confidence needed to create a abundat and prospering life? Do you yearn to move beyond negative selftalk, scarcity and lack in to abundance and flow? The coaching and mentoring will enable you to move beyond inner and outer glass cielings with the help of emotional awareness and fitness trainings. It will also make you more able and willing to handle risk and be assetive your emotional risk, increasing your awareness to move forward with healthy boundries. Creating a safe and relaxing emotional base so you can take inspried action.
Deal Specific Terms & Conditions from the Merchant :
This coupong is valid for 1 Financial Transformational Month /person during 2018. OBS! Maximum 3 new clients / month.
When? The coupong is only valid for Emotional Fitness Caaching/mentoring taking place during October - December 2018. With the ability to prolong the validity of the coupong to include January and February 2019.

SET UP TO KNOW THIS TRANSFORMATIONAL TRAINING IS FOR YOU: Contact Johanna Wallin to book your first session at [email protected] or by phone +46 702 78 11 79. During the first session you find out if this is what you need - you then buy the coupong and we redeem it straight away. Redeeming it starts your Financial Transformational Month. If you don´t want to continue the month you do not buy the coupong. WHY? Finding out if this is a match is vital for the sucess of the coaching/mentoring. It takes a commitment to your self and an intention to move towards your deeper yearnings when doing transformational coaching. If you are ready and able to do the training you are ready to move from surviving to thriving.

The workshop leader/facilitator and Emotional Finess coach, Johanna Wallin, former engineer, artist, author and transformational speaker, will coach/mentor you to an abundance mindset. She has druing her 20 years of coaching taken herself and many clients forward towards new levels of flow. "The intensity of being involved in Fintech and other new paradigm businesses was the reason for needing tools to manage high levels of risk, the emotions triggered by changes, deepen in the relationsships to be able to co-create and innovate." says Johanna
The Financial Emotional Fitness - coaching and mentoring cultivates a responsable leadership to create flow in your own life and create ripples to your suroundings. The COACHING includes awareness and practising of naming feelings, development of capacity to respond to situations and relations. The MENTORING will be facilitated like a "hot seat", i e you bring a case to work on from the past week.

As your FEF coach and mentor I take a stand for your worth, your dreams and yearnings. Shared agreements, ICF standards with clear rules for booking/cancelling session etc will be presented when starting the Transformational Month. Welcome!
About the Merchant :
Our vision is to contribute to developing emotional and cultural awareness in businesses. Shifting decisionmaking from based on how we can survive to what we need to thrive.Allowing your lifestyle and worklife to align, createing a healthy and sustainable balance between work, play and rest.
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GLOBAL NEW PARADIGM buisiness and leadership coaching supports you moving from scarcity and lack to abundance. Developing your emotional awareness, deepening in connetion to yourself and others is the basis for creating a life style that increase flow of prosperity, power and passion.

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