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Discount cupon -piese auto ,necesare in cazul unei defectiuni auto . Pretul va fi stabilit in euro . Se pot comanda orice tip de piese necesare reparatiei auto pentru autoturismul dumneavoastra. ***************************************************************************************************** Discount coupon - auto parts, needed in the event of a car failure. The price will be set in euro. You can order any type of auto parts needed for your car
Deal Specific Terms & Conditions from the Merchant :
Inainte de achizitionarea cuponului se va face constatarea in atelier si in functie de defectiuni se vor satbili nnumarul de cupoane necesare si diferenta in lei,care se va achita cash la fata locului.
Dupa constatare si stabilirea pretului ,se va calcula numarul de cupoane necesar pentru comanda.
De exemplu ,avem o piesa in valoare de 100 euro :
1 Cupon. + 75 euro= 1 cumparatura de 100 euro
2 Cupoane + 150 euro= 1cumparatura de 200 euro
Cuponul discount reprezinta 25% din cumparatura totala.
Before the purchase of the coupon will be made in the workshop and depending on the defects will be the number of necessary coupons and the difference in lei, which will pay cash on the spot.
Once the price has been determined and determined, the number of coupons required for the order will be calculated.
For example, we have a 100 euro piece:
1 Coupon. + 75 euro = 1 purchase of 100 euro
2 Coupons + 150 euro = 1 200 euro purchase
The discount coupon represents 25% of the total purchase.
About the Merchant :
Piese auto import si reparatii auto
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