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This is Discount Coupon to be used toward Spa products and services in OneDream Club.
Deal Specific Terms & Conditions from the Merchant :
1. This coupon worth 149.25Euros which equivalent to 37,500,000VND (Vietnam Dong)
2. This coupon will be treat as 50% Discount therefore Purchaser must paid the other 50% balance in Local Fiat Currency (Minimun spend for this transaction is 75,000,000VND)
3. One(1) person per coupon per visit ONLY
4. Coupon Must be redeem at Location before exchange products. The address is (18A Cong Hoa St, Phuong 12, Quan Tan Binh, HoChiMinh city, Vietnam)
5. This coupon can not exchange into other value.
About the Merchant :
We provide Skincare services
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Additional Instructions :

Please contact us and get full information's before Purchase This Coupon

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