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货号: V11302
鞋垫材质: 头层猪皮
鞋跟高: 低跟(1-3cm)
品牌: chalichali/查理
鞋头款式: 尖头
闭合方式: 系带
鞋底材质: 橡胶
鞋面材质: 头层牛皮(除牛反绒)真皮
材质工艺: 漆皮
鞋面内里材质: 头层猪皮
鞋制作工艺: 胶粘
鞋跟底款式: 平跟
图案: 纯色
行元素: 车缝线
风格: 商务
细分风格: 商务
休闲场合: 日常
季节: 春秋
颜色分类: 酒红色 黑色
尺码: 38 39 40 41 42 43 44
款式: 布洛克鞋
功能: 透气适用对象: (18-55周岁)

Item No .: V11302
Insole material: the first layer of pigskin
Heel high: low with (1-3cm)
Brand: chalichali / Charlie
Toe style: pointed
Closed way: lace
Sole Material: Rubber
Upper material: the first layer of leather (except cattle anti-cashmere) leather
Material Technology: patent leather
Upper material inside: the first layer of pigskin
Shoes production process: adhesive
Heel head style: flat with
pattern: plain
Line element: car suture
Style: Business
Break down style: Business
Casual occasions: daily
Season: Spring and Autumn
Color classification: wine red black
Size: 38 39 40 41 42 43 44
Style: Bullock shoes
Function: breathable Applicable to: (18-55 years old)

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Currently only accept the Chinese mainland shipping address, 3 working days delivery. Contact: QQ: 642494987 micro letter: 15860183916
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