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Caoshe raspberry puree hospital moisturizing mask hydrating moisture a new product in the end business run cheats identification code: 6FEEFF31C9

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产品名称: 草舍名院 覆盆子盈润保湿原浆面膜
上市时间: 2015年
月份: 1月
面膜分类: 贴片式
规格类型: 正常规格
原料成分: 覆盆子
适合肤质: 任何肤质
化妆品净含量: 26g
品牌: 草舍名院
面膜单品: 覆盆子盈润保湿原浆面膜
是否为特殊用途化妆品: 否
批准文号: 粤G妆网备字2015028287
功效: 保湿补水 补水 保湿 滋润 深度保湿 爽滑清润 深层滋养
产地: 中国
保质期: 3年

Product Name: Caoshe raspberry puree mask moisturizing hospital
Time to market: 2015
April: January
Mask category: patch type
Specification type: normal specification
Ingredient: Raspberry
Suitable for skin: any skin
Net content of cosmetics: 26G
Brand: Caoshe hospital
Mask: Raspberry Moisturizing Mask
Is it for special use cosmetics: no?
Approval number: Guangdong G makeup nets, word 2015028287
Effects: moisturizing hydrating moisturizing moisturizing smooth moist and nourish the depth
Origin: China
Shelf life: 3 years

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This product only uses the beauty parlor, receives the VEKA currency in full
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Operating a variety of brand cosmetics, skin care products, facial mask, daily necessities, household items, etc.
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