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Do you intend to invest in Slovenia? We are an important partner for different investments like in Slovenia as in ex Yu countries and Italy thus our experiences in the sale and purchase of shares and shares of companies and asset dealings. Our offer includes a complete tax, legal, financial and business assistance as also in-depth guidance for business start-up. This covers guidance and support, including information on regionally existing support measures, for planning, implementing and financing of a business start-up, as well as providing knowledge on commercial, marketing and sales aspects.
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We offer a coupon for one hour of professional assistance and accurate information about investing in Slovenia and other information establishing a company and running a business in Slovenia.
About the Merchant :
Accounting and consulting services with specific information about doing a business in Slovenia.
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Erjavčeva ulica 2, 5000 Nova Gorica, Slovenia

45° 57' 16.1424'' N
13° 38' 23.3376'' E

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