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VGOMAXPRO is an Instant Mobile Application Platform that can be published on Google Play Store. This application is useful to provide information to its users about Company Profile, Organization, Community, or even a Private Profile for celebrities, politicians, entrepreneur, trainer, or any public figures. VGOMAPRO has features such as: - Support iOS & Android, Push Notification - Maps - Tap-to-call - Tap-to-email - Video (via YouTube) - Online Content Management System (Admin) - Instant Update Content - Free 2GB Storage - Free 1 Year Maintenance - Easy to develop. Category options include: - Company Profile - Community - Organization - Personal - Beauty & Health - Education - Events - Hospital - Hotel - Product Catalogue - Public Figure - Restaurant - Shopping Mall.
Deal Specific Terms & Conditions from the Merchant :
Normal Price for VGOMAXPRO Euro 860/year.
For Dealshaker customers discount 20% = Euro 688 = 23.05 ONE / tahun

VGOMAXPRO business model is Software As A Service. Everything is online on internet. So there is no CD or flash disk to deliver.
After you redeem the DealShaker coupon, we will activate your software package within 2 working days.
The customers will customize the platform including their own text, images, videos.
The package is inculde FREE 1 year maintenance.

After purchase the DealShaker coupon please submit your complete name, phone/ Whatsapp number, and valid email address to [email protected]
About the Merchant :
VGOMAXPRO is a division of PT Visipro Global Optima that provide digital business solutions and services.
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After you buy the coupon please send email to [email protected] or Whatsapp +62818911900 to get instruction to activate your account.

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